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The Timber Warrior


Back in the 90s, in the Pacific Northwest, there was a major conflict between big logging companies and the environmentalists, and this Northern Spotted Owl was right in the middle of it. The controversy was pitched as a struggle between the loggers' jobs and protection of the Owl's natural habitat, that are the old growth forests. This artwork is an ode to those guileless, little birds that are still struggling to steadily maintain their numbers. NPR produced a podcast called 'Timber Wars' that highlighted this incident.

An original mixed media painting on tan handmade paper, with gouache, embroidery threads and beads . The size of the painting is approximately 5" x 7" and is mounted in a float frame. The overall size of the frame is approximately 6"x8". It comes varnished with 2 coats of Krylon Kamar spray varnish to ensure protection from sunlight over time. 


The frame is handmade in my home studio from pinewood and has a double coat of espresso water based varnish. It comes in two parts that are attached with screws on the back. If ever need be, the painting can be detached from the outer frame by removing the said screws. 

Artist's signature with the date on the side and back of the frame.


Week 18 - The Timber Warrior

    • Due to differences in monitor screens, color may appear slightly different in person than on screen.
    • Hanging hardware is not included, but the painting can be hung directly by the frame.
    • All artworks made are original in design and idea.
    • Please message or email in the case of any problems.
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