Yes, you absolutely can! I love working with people and hearing their ideas about a special painting they want for their space. Please have a look at my Commissions page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We can then discuss over email or chat and then make a contract.

Can I have a Commission piece made by you?


Yes, I do! I ship all my packages with USPS shipping and they deliver worldwide.  You might have customs to pay once the package arrives in your country. Please make sure you have looked into the Tariff rates before you place an order.

Do you ship worldwide?


Collections are usually released once the artworks are completely ready, varnished and framed. I do take my time to package paintings with a lot of love and care, and I ship all the packages at one time. Please allow 3-5 days for an order to ship. Typical transit times are 5-7 days with USPS first class, but due to Covid, I cannot guarantee that time frame.

Also, commission pieces have their own transit times which will be individually discussed beforehand. 

How long before my artwork ships? What are the transit times?


Each painting is packed with a lot of care. I am constantly worried about the transits and hence each framed artwork is double wrapped with paper and protective corners that I make myself. They are then wrapped in recyclable bubble wrap or green wrap. Art Prints are mailed in compostable mailers. I also buy insurance (it is covered in the shipping costs) from USPS when printing shipping labels. If the artwork does arrive damaged or gets lost in transit, I will provide you with the Insurance details that you can then use to claim the money back. 

Do you give refunds if the artwork gets damaged during transit?


My ambitious goal is to release a small collection every month, though my release dates do not always go according to plan! In the least, I typically release one Collection every three months. To be the first one to know and have first dibs for every painting that I put on sale, you can subscribe to my Collector's List. Also, you can see process videos and photos for all the Collections that I am currently working on Instagram.

When do you release Collections?


I just placed an order, but was charged a higher amount for shipping than should be necessary?


I use USPS real time rates for shipping that are based on the destination address and the weight of the package. This feature is provided by Wix, my website builder. For this reason, it is highly important that you make sure you enter your 5-digit zip code, and not the 9-digit one. If by some reason the real time rates feature has malfunctioned and it is showing a high shipping rate, please reach out to me and I will fix it for you. Nevertheless, if you have already paid and placed the order, I will refund the extra shipping cost back to you.