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2 Degrees of  Coral Prints

Postcard for Print_low res.jpg

I launched my first Kickstarter project in early 2023 called 2 Degrees of Coral. Through this Kickstarter project, I wished to create an artistic depiction of the struggle that the vibrant underwater community is facing with the rising temperatures. The project showcases 16 paintings that make one giant underwater view, with beautiful corals interconnecting through the borders of colorful handmade papers and gradually showing coral bleaching towards the top of the view.

I scanned and edited each of my original paintings before I embroidered on them to later create their fine art prints. This is the place to find all of those 16 prints. When you purchase three or more items from this collection, a 10% discount will automatically be applied to these prints. 

You can read more about the project here!

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