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I heard about the Mantis Shrimps and their incredible vision on a Radio Lab episode. Apparently, they have 12 color receptors, and even though they don't really need or use them, just the thought of seeing a rainbow that vibrant through their eyes is pretty intriguing. Imagine viewing the world through a 12 receptor monocle! You can't? Well, I tried to capture a little glimpse of it in my artworks, so head on over!


Hello, you guys! My name is Menka and I am the face behind Mantis Shrimp Monocles. Welcome to my studio of colors, papers, designs, paints and more colors. In here, you will find me juggling between painting, making Matt frames, folding papers for cards and inking on everything that I can get my hands on, all the while shipping carefully and cutely packed orders for all of you. I aspire to achieve a balance between intuition and realism. Hence every stroke in a painting and every fold in the paper is deliberate, and done with a lot of love and care. I intend to explore as many mediums and forms of art that I can.

I hope you find something that speaks to you in my shop and get to keep it with you forever!

I am also on Ko-fi. So if you'd like to support me and my work by simply buying me a coffee, I would be forever grateful. Yes, you guessed it right - I am a coffee addict.



My newest venture for 2023 is my first Kickstarter project named

'2 Degree of Coral'

Along with making my art practices environmentally sustainable, I strive to give my art a stronger voice. I want to choose topics that need our attention and bring them into focus through what I do best - with colors, paints and threads. For this year, my main theme is global warming and the major effect it has had on marine life. Through this Make 100 project, I wish to create an artistic depiction of the struggle that the vibrant underwater community is facing with the rising temperatures.


You can get a better idea about the project and become a part of its community by viewing it here

Here is a little real time graph showing how the Kickstarter project is going so far!

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Mantis Shrimp Monocles LLC

Portland Oregon

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