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Into the Wild

Into the Wild

May 2020 Edition

This collection, along with two other, have been with me since the time I have started my mixed media journey. The first batch of 'Into the Wild' paintings were a series of 6 wild paintings that were heavily wrought with movement. 

Each carrying a colorful bouquet of wild flowers, they signify the start of the fusion between abstraction and realism for me.

Into the Wild

Nov 2020 Edition

I released another series of paintings under the same theme in November. A Collection of 10 small and 4 big artworks, all with an addition of birds to enhance the 'Wild' element of the series. 

This collection was also a part of the #myowninktober month of painting everyday for 31 days with my own prompts. 

As an artist, I am constantly evolving and so is my style or use of a medium and this collection compared between the two editions is a great example to see that.


Fall Edition

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