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Mantis Shrimp Monocles_Menka Desai_Original paintings_edited.jpg

A mixed media color study in Tan, involving a Bike brass charm, it is approximately 3"x4" in size and is made on handmade paper bought from Sustainable Papercraft Studio. The piece involves embroidery, beads, and sequins depicting a fun ride on the bike attached to balloons. The bike is only attached at one point so it moves like a pendulum. It comes with a matching crocheted cord for hanging purposes. The back is finished with a piece of mulberry paper stuck to hide and secure the knots of the stitches. 

Artist Signature + date on the back.


Please Note - 

  • Due to differences in monitor screens, color may appear slightly different in person than on screen.
  • The color study will be packed and mailed in a rigid mailer.
  • All artworks made are original in design and idea.
  • Please message or email in the case of any problems.

Balloon Ride

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