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Mantis Shrimp Monocles_Menka Desai_Original paintings_edited.jpg

Early April, I collaborated with Dapper Notes to create these pocket sized notebooks, sized at 3.5"x5.5". I painted two separate artworks that connect to each other, one of a Keel-billed Toucan and the other of a Crimson-rumped Toucanette. These artworks are a part of an even bigger view in the making, with more types of Toucans and Toucanettes added to them. For our collaboration we used these two connecting panels as the front and back of the notebook cover's design. The thread, bookcloth, and endsheet colors echo tones from the cover illustration, altogether making for a vibrant design.

A friend of Enon (of Dapper Notes), Jen Reyes, came up with the very fitting name Danza del Cielo: sky dance

You can read more about the notebooks Enon makes on Dapper Notes website.


Note: A beading kit was created for these notebooks to make the cover more interactive but Dapper Notes is sold out of those. This listing is only for the notebook.

Danza Del Cielo Pocket Notebooks

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