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Traditional Patola


Mundane Description of the Ornament:

An original gouache artwork painted on both sides of a 3" dia ceramic ornament. It comes varnished with 1 coat of Krylon Kamar spray varnish and 2 coats of Liquitex matt varnish to ensure protection from sunlight over time. The ornament comes with a matching, handmade velvet silk lace, bought from Fringe and Rose, a small business based in LA, California. The artwork is double sided and can be hung either way.

Artist's signature + Date on the side/bottom


An interesting glimpse into the Heritage:

Patola Weave is traditional to the state of Gujarat in India. While centuries have passed since the first 700 silk weavers moved from the southern regions of India to this state to specifically acquire the patronage of the Rajputs, but the Patola sarees are still worn with pride by Gujarati women. The weaves are colorful and complicated and when done by the old method, can take 6 months to a year to make one saree!


This is the most traditional design in Patola with the reds and blues weaved in with Gold.


Obligatory Notes: 

  • Due to differences in monitor screens, color may appear slightly different in person than on screen.
  • Hanging hardware is not included. Comes with a matching lace to hang.
  • All artworks made are original in design and idea.
  • Please message or email in the case of any problems.

Traditional Patola

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