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More Vital than Vile


This one is about a Radiolab episode that I heard a couple years ago. Parsis, a Zoroastrian community in India, leave their dead on the Tower of Silence to be consumed by Vultures and there was a time when the population of Vultures had dipped so low that the deceased would lie for months before being consumed by these scavengers. Once this fact came to light, the researchers found that the increased use of Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug for cattle was the culprit. Once Vultures feed on these cattle, they consume the drugs too and their kidneys start to fail.

A lot of people think about Vultures, and think, 'oh those vile scavengers!' But what we fail to realize is that they are actually the cleanup crew of our ecosystem. Their guts are so acidic, that they can consume flesh, bones and almost anything in between and survive. So here's a little ode to these vital birds. I chose a Himalayan Griffon Vulture because I love their beautiful collar!


An original mixed media painting on teal handmade paper, with gouache, embroidery threads and beads . The size of the painting is approximately 5" x 7" and is mounted in a float frame. The overall size of the frame is approximately 6"x8". It comes varnished with 2 coats of Krylon Kamar spray varnish to ensure protection from sunlight over time. 


The frame is handmade in my home studio from pinewood and has a double coat of espresso water based varnish. It comes in two parts that are attached with screws on the back. If ever need be, the painting can be detached from the outer frame by removing the said screws. 

Artist's signature with the date on the side and back of the frame.


Week 19 - More Vital than Vile

    • Due to differences in monitor screens, color may appear slightly different in person than on screen.
    • Hanging hardware is not included, but the painting can be hung directly by the frame.
    • All artworks made are original in design and idea.
    • Please message or email in the case of any problems.
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