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Thistle and Weeds

Thistle and Weeds

March 2020 Edition

One of my absolute favorite collections, Thistle and Weeds happened during the tough times of the pandemic.

These artworks are inspired by the tenacity of weeds and wildflowers that can grow and survive in the harshest of the environments, and are basically unwanted in a perfect someone's yard. Hence, this is an attempt to make a small spin on the idea of what can be beautiful even though it has no place in the accepted societal norms.

Thistle and Weeds

Feb 2021 Edition

The series made a comeback in Feb, 2021 with bigger pieces and a lot more movement. While the last edition had more of purples and blues, I added more earthy colors like reds, oranges and greens to this one.

Square compositions are usually the hardest for me to design, and the 5 mini ones in this collection proved as much but they were equally fun, if not more, to create.


One of these days, I would have a wall of Thistle and Weeds in my home with a bunch of wild weeds in my yard.



Coaster Collection

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