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9 Circles of Color

9 Circles of Color

July 2020 Edition

Almost all of the paintings from this collection were a part of my '365 day' project that I did in 2019, where I showed up to paint everyday of the year. I took up colors that were alien to me and created some very varied artworks. It was challenging and a whole lot of those days were tough, but looking back at these works make me proud.

Later on, I took time to finish them by adhering them to cradled wood panel and giving a layer of resin.

9 Circles of Color

Nov 2020 Edition

I released another series of 9 paintings under the same theme in November. These were also a part of my '365 Days' project, but I heavily altered them later by adding layers of gold leaf, more inks and resin. Hence there is a lot more depth and movement in these. 

5 of these 9 I kept for myself and now make up for the gallery wall in my art studio.


Textile in Mosaic

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